The Barclay's center seating arrangement for October's pre-season match between the Isles and Devils was released on Ticketmaster, and I have to say it doesn't look awful...on paper. Sure the arrangement of the upper and mid-tier seating levels take away valuable seating that could further entice Charles Wang to make this venue more than a one time thing, but it could certainly be worse. When you loo at the 3D rendering of the seats, it's a bit harder to conceptualize the seating on the hockey map and the seating on the basketball schematic working as one (hindering to me a greater than one season deal in my mind).

On October 2nd the Islanders must look at a few things about the arena if it's going to be a worthwhile interim destination for the team (I don't believe for a second the Islanders would relocate on a 30 year lease in Brooklyn, they just don't have the seating, and finding it is a bit difficult on the hockey scheme so as not to interfere with other events): sight lines, NVMC offers great sight lines to the ice just about anywhere you sit and provides televisions for those whose views are marred, the Nets 3D rendering appears to show no obstructions to the top of the arena seating, so that's a plus; turnout will also be a consideration, if the Isles and Devils can fill the arena long before pre-season that's a big plus to the team, but something to look with caution, it's too small a sample size to get overly-excited about, but filling the Barclay's center to capacity would be a good thing; finally there's going to be getting to the arena, which for Long Island fans will mostly require the LIRR (unless you're a fan of the which I say "okay") and for non-city residents will require a ton of patience on game day (when is driving into the city ever fun; or pacing your train and subway schedule, it's not impossible, just a pain), this is a question most haven't given major consideration and will see itself played out at scale during next season for the Nets.

So the maps are out, it's only a matter of time until we see how it works out. But again, it could lead to additional pre-season games and maybe a temporary move if the arena mess continues. I'm really not sure how it will work out.

Also, to recap recent news: Nabokov extended for next year (solid), done for this year at the hands of the Penguins, and replaced by Al Montoya and John Grahame (signed for 5 games so Kevin Poulin can play at Bridgeport for their Calder Cup run). Grahame hasn't played in the NHL for 5 years, but put up respectable numbers at the AHL just last year.


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