The man who has not even seen gametime this season might have just received a concussion courtesy of a shot by Brian Rolston that went off The Rick's helmeted cranium while facing shots in practice today. He left the ice right after. 

Though the Islanders will try to make it business as usual, the media and blogosphere at-large besides many a fan are expecting his cut short ice courtesy a rubber puck to the head to likely be a concussion to someone who is highly susceptible to one, besides just plain old knee injury du jour.

Also running short seems to be fans patience, where many an Islander fan reacted on twitter with less than kind words for the oft-injured goalie whose contract has been a point of contention for the rebuild and fan perceptions. Expect this to continue, whatever the length of Rick's downtime.

Unlike subsequent years where DP's injuries left the team and GM high and dry, the Isles have many an option as Montoya sits as the #1 go to for coach Jack Capauno. Nabakov, who sat as the third wheel with a less than impressive preseason now might have more chance to wash off the rust and show he can still be a NHL calibre goalie this year. 

Stay tuned.