Today at the Islanders clear out day after being asked by Katie Strang about his thoughts on the goalie competition going into next year between him, Al Montoya and prospect Kevin Poulin, Rick responded with who are you talking about.

This suggests that DP still thinks he is a capable number one goalie.  If he still thinks that then he needs to sit down with some people probably including his best friend and Islander owner Charles B. Wang and realize that he just isn't an NHL calibur #1 goalie anymore.  Last night is evidenced of that, he let in more then one soft goal which ended up costing the Islanders the game.  Same can be said for the game in Boston on April 6th.

If the Islanders are serious about competing for the playoffs next year Al Montoya should be the number one goalie coming out of camp with DP being the backup.  Friendships and loyalty should be put aside and the best thing for the team should be done.  If DP doesn't like this like his statements today suggest he wouldn't then he should be let go because it would be clear that he isn't the team first guy hes been portrayed as over the last few seasons.