On Monday the Islanders waived Trevor Gillies, with no corresponding roster move from Bridgeport, it's safe to assume that his Roster spot will be filled by Swiss youngin' Nino Neiderreiter and his return from the IR. The Isles are likely to give Nino a shot to stick in the roster over a call up anyway.

Gillies career AHL, ECHL and NHL numbers (all 8 lifetime professional goals, including 2 in the NHL last year) all point to him not getting claimed by any rational general manager...though with Dale Tallon and his penchent for "Huh" moves, who really knows? 

For some Strange Reason, Gillies' HockeyDB page has him assigned to the Utah Grizzlies, which can't possibly be right as he'd likely go to Bridgeport and sit behind other fighters at Webster Bank Arena. Not sure what's up there, but we'll see what happens with that. 

Thing is, Gillies' fight first and every other facet of the game later may not even be needed at Bridgeport who have fighters (Olson, albeit hurt; Oleksy, Gallant and Haley all spring to mind), though I guess Gillies can continue his new found talent of clean non-boneheaded hits in his 2:30someodd workload. 

There are many who disagree, but I think it's time to close the Gillies chapter and move along to better, fiester all around players.


Gillies cleared waivers this afternoone and can be sent to Bridgeport, though when, I don't know.