The Islanders have announced they'll be placing Rick Dipietro on Waivers tomorrow to buy him out. It's a sad end for Dipietro's time on Long Island, except that the end came earlier this year, When the Islanders sent him to Bridgeport. In place of being remembered as a pretty good goalie (which he was in 2006), Rick will be remembered for the 15 year contract that Charles Wang negotiated between the GM tenure of Mike Milbury and Garth Snow (and signed right after Neil Smith left), and the injuries sustained during the contract, which included two hip surgeries, surgeries to both knees, his face being broken by Brent Johnson in 2011, and other maladies and a case of "sudden Goalie awfulness syndrome" where he just wasn't good at all when he was able to play.

The Compliance buyout was written with guys like Rick Dipietro in mind so it makes total sense that the Isles are buying him out. The final straw may have been the Cory Schneider trade yesterday as there was reports that the Canucks were talking to the Islanders about swapping their bad contracts (which I have already written made no sense). However, that's pure speculation.

It's a sad end, but an end none the less, it's time for the Islanders and their fans to move on. The guy wanted to be here and to win, that's what we should remember, not the way things turned out. I hope that he's able to revive his career somewhere, but that's a very big question mark. The Islanders continue a Goalie search that I'm sure they'll be able to accomplish something.

That's all for now. Next up, my thoughts on our draft.