The New York Islanders are going to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. Let that sink in. The Islanders clinched their playoff berth with the help of the Winnipeg Jets losing in Regulation to the Capitals and the Islanders losing to future division foe Carolina in the shootout. The Islanders have picked up points in the majority of their last 15 games. They've gone the hard way to relevancy and took the hard way to clinch their playoff berth, but forget all that, the Isles are going to the Playoffs.

Tonight's performance withstanding, the Islanders deserve All the credit in the world for clawing their way into the playoff picture and beating all sorts of expectations to get here. I entered the season expecting the Islanders to come close but not make it to the dance. I'm glad I'm wrong. the Isles have gone on quite the hot streak to get everyone talking about them and them potentially finishing 2nd in the Atlantic before next years crazy divisions take shape.

The Islanders have Two games remaining on the Schedule and should look to give Evgeni Nabokov a break for one of them. He's been stellar but needs a rest before we face one of Washingon/Boston/Pittsburgh. 

Anyway, tonight was a huge accomplishment for the Islanders and a long time coming for our fanbase.

Two games remaining and all I can say is "Let's GO ISLANDERS!"