Today news broke that Kirill Kabanov would be loaned from his junior team (The Blainville-Boisbriand Armada, or as I'll call them, the guys that took a waiver then screwed him over), to either the SEL or KHL and that teams in those European leagues were interested in the 19 year olds services. I mean who wouldn't after last year's explosion of 20 points in 15 QMJHL playoffs for the now-defunct Lewiston MAINEiacs. The Islanders brought him into camp and he didn't win a job out of camp. However, due to the CBA, Kirill had to go back to Blainville, who conveniently hit their quota of international players putting Kabanov's junior career, once again, in peril. 

Kabanov made the switch from the KHL to North American hockey at 17, and it's been pretty much a nightmare for him. His time in Moncton led to an ostracizing from his team-mates (deserved or no, Kirill had a reputation for being a hot head, as well as things involving his father), during their playoff run a few seasons back, Kabanov left the team for personal reasons, it's said the team was not going to welcome him back upon his return. After being drafted in 2010 (and skipped over by the rest of the NHL and in some cases two or three times by teams), Moncton traded Kirill to Lewiston where he enjoyed some success in the regular season, and his big playoff run; but, more importantly, he seemed to mature quickly. 

Speaking of Kirill's maturity, it's been the biggest hindrance of his achieving top rookie status, NHL wide (as he gets more physically mature, ). Last year, Kirill showed up late for practice in Rookie camp, he was disciplined by the team and therewere no other issues past that. This year, there were no issues as well, and Kirill had a good rookie camp and a fairly good regular camp for the Isles as well, appearing in the Calary Field trip for the Minor Leaguers and the Jay Pandolfo/Steve Staios/Evgeni veteran express (the yearly trip to Calgary is getting a little old by the way). But since the end of camp, Kabanovv hasn't had a team to play for. 

With his QMJHL team at it's European quota, the Islanders should be within their right to demand an exemption to the CBA and get Kirill assigned to the American Hockey League and Bridgeport. This way the Islanders can control his development and no longer have to be concerned about his moving to 4 teams in the time span of 12 months (traded from Moncton to Lewiston, then picked by Blainville in the Lewiston dispersal draft, and now having to deal with this issueof possibly playing in Europe). Kabanov doesn't deserve this treatment, The islanders should be allowed to add him to the Bridgeport roster (maybe at the expense of one Tony Romano) so he will have a stable roster spot and no longer be batted around. 

It's time to let the kid play and no longer question his maturity, intensity, willingness to play. He's 19, how many other 19 year olds are presented the nonsense that Kirill has been forced to endure? Get him to Bridgeport and Start letting him play and develop with peace of mind. There's a reason he was at one point projected to go in the top 5 of the 2010 draft...