So, it's Monday afternoon, and I'm at work, and not really feeling some of my work and decided to play a little armchair GM for the 3-1-0 NY Islanders and come up with a down the road trade for if the team is still on the bubble of the playoffs.


I have selected the Phoenix Coyotes as the Trade Partner for this and would offer this deadline blockbuster:


To Phoenix:

Blake Comeau

Josh Bailey

Calvin De Haan

Mikko Koskinen/2013 1st round Pick


To New York:

Keith Yandle 

Kyle Turris


So, before everyone gets all bent out of shape, this is assuming the Isles are on the cusp of the playoffs (9-11; I expect the current roster as built to finish about 10th assuming health to everyone) and the Coyotes netminding issues and lack of punch on offense (including callups of Brett Hextall and Mathieu Beauboin) sink their playoff hopes. If niether of these happen, I don't expect this deal. Actually, I don't expect it at all, BUT it's Monday afternoon, and y'all need something to do, so why not flame me and my "idiotic proposals?"


I know the Isles are not likely to give up on Bailey and would need a lot to even consider moving De Haan, but if the return is Keith Yandle and you can add him to a top 4 with Streit, AMac, Hamonic? the Isles D weakness is solved. you have to give to get in deals and adding a top 10 NHL D who's signed for 5 years is going to cost your top D prospect (who isn't going to be the top D prospect for much longer, see: Andrey Pedan). 

So on to Arguing why this deal works:

The Yotes need offense, and Bailey and Comeau can probably do it for them, they badly need a change of scenery. Comeau's no longer in the Isles long term plans, and if motivated Comeau's a top 6 player, but he isn't going to be on the Islanders. Bailey and Turris would be a swap of 1st rounders who likely both need to move on from their drafting teams and find themselves in better situations.

The Islanders need a top 4 D as stated above. Milan Jurcina and Mark Streit make for a good pairing, but Milan Jurcina I believe translates to "glass" from Slovak (I am kidding of course). so you have to give up some Future promise to make the jump to the playoffs now. Koskinen goes from the number 3 Goalie in Bridgeport to Goalie of the future (he'd displace Justin Pogge at Portland for backup duties, and who the hell knows how long Mike Smith, Jason LaBarbara and Curtis McIllhenny would last as true number 1s in Glendale?) and the Coyotes would have a young D pairing of Oliver Ekmen-Larsson and Calvin De Haan to look forward to to do an on the fly re-build. So they take a 5M cap hit off the books prior to a sale and still keep a decent collection of D, add to their Offense and get a Goalie of the if only they had an owner and a long term lease at their arena...


Just some Monday afternoon thoughts.


Flame below, I know it's coming.