Dear Mister Snow,

We in Islanders nation know that the rebuild has been a long process and required patience. We get it, but, it's time to stop being the Garth of the re-build. It's time to get creative.

Remember that first year on the job, remember absolutely fleecing the Oilers for Ryan Smyth? Great times, you need to do it again. You have the tools to do it, look at all those Forwards you've drafted, look at Calvin de Haan, and those Goalies....

We need a trade for a guy in his prime, preferably someone signed. Given the play of the team get a Forward and a Defenseman, we have the chips.

I know you may have some reservations, I know the ghost of the ghoul on NESN/Versus hangs large, but, we're in a different place. Unlike the Millstein's and Spano, our finances are in order (relatively), our Core is locked up for years, it's time to deal from strength and make a play for guys in their prime and who shoot the hell out of the oppositions net.

You've got De Haan, Corey Trivino, Mitch Theoret, and a good number of other guys who you can safely deal without moving either Kirill, Strome, Johan Persson, Robbie Russo, Anders Lee or Brock Nelson. Even Nelson could be dealt if can deal a few chips, just not all of them, we’ll understand, I promise.

But give us an Erat, Hornqvist, either Kostitsyn, a top flight D; heck, I'd offer you my first unborn son (to the probable chagrin of said child's unknown mother) if you land Keith Yandle. I’d go one further and offer my first two unborn sons (man my future spouse is going to KILL ME) to do the unthinkable and beat Dean Lombardi into submission with a “Vote Kate Murray” yard sign to give you Drew Doughty.

Am I dreaming; absolutely, but give us something. Don’t just fire the coach and re-shuffle the deck chairs. We need something to look at and say, “yes, that’s exactly what we needed.” Sure, a winning streak of the roster you’ve assembled would be fantastic, but...I just can’t see it with a defense that’s getting beaten senseless on the ice and in the blogosphere and the Twitterverse. Don’t make deals willy-nilly; we know you’re better than that. But the patience is wearing on the collective fan base. We need a deal that’ll make us say “you know I think player X has a world of talent, but OH MY...WE GOT (whoever fit the earlier parameters)!”

We're in a different place now, you can afford to make a move. It's time, long as it will help the club today and tomorrow, I believe in you.


An Isles Fan.