As Isles fans have become aware of in the early week, Corey Trivino has been removed from Boston University's hockey program and is in serious legal trouble. (see article: here and here)

The Islanders are in a tough spot with Trivino at the moment as he's the Hockey East Leading scorer, but in serious legal trouble. Thankfully, they have time to figure out what to do in terms of the hockey ops side of things for Corey.

First and foremost, I have no knowledge of what occurred and would say that people need to let the legal process play itself out before pontificating about Corey's future. Claims that you'll never cheer for him are premature. Corey's afforded a trial and last I checked we believed in a law system that claims innocent until proven guilty.

This is not Corey's first run in with disciplinary action at BU, but it is the most egregious, that I won't deny. As a person I hope these allegations aren't true and that Trivino gets a fair trial. As a hockey fan this is terribly unfortunate. During this time the Islanders, Trivino and his Agent are likely to have many meetings to determine what happens with his on-ice future.

As a player Corey was enjoying his best season to date scoring 13 goals (including two this weekend on Saturday night) and 17 points in 15 games (of the big Isles College prospects he's rank 3rd in points behind Brock Nelson's 22 in 18 games and Anders Lee Point per game slow down). This incident is a huge setback for BU's program this year.

As for Trivino's future, I hope he gets the help he needs. I assume if he's cleared of any wrong doing or sentenced to lesser charges, Trivino will likely then start his Pro career with the Isles or not, but he'll do so starting out at just above rock bottom.

It is my hope that these allegations prove themselves to be a horrible episode of drunken stupidity and that this offense is an isolated event. but for now, Isles fans must let the legal system play out and not crucify a player on allegation.

Trivino's run in with the law isn't the only one involving an Islanders prospect. Casey Cizikas' story is well known amongst Isles fans, it was a horrible accident and he was forgiven by all parties and has since pieced together a great Junior career and a promising start to his pro career. Anders Lee was arrested last summer in an underage drinking sting with 43 other individuals. While he was never a prospect of any merit, Bobby Hughes was arrested while a member of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers in 2009 for sexual assault, the Islanders later released him. The point is, Corey's not the first and he won't be the last and the Isles will look at every incident in their own particular way.

I won't explain away any player's behavior, but I will say that Islanders fans should let this situation play out before demanding Trivino's head. Prior to this his long term impact on making the Islanders wasn't very high he'd likely become the next Jeremy Colliton or become a trade piece for the Isles.

This is a difficult situation to say the least. But Isles fans should look more at what's going on on the ice and let Garth and the Hockey ops staff deal with this Trivino case when it's appropriate. Until then, there is an investigation and criminal proceedings. There is nothing else to discuss here.

Comment away folks.